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Best SEO Practices For 2021

SEO is a hot topic when it comes to marketing and optimizing your website, and for good reason.

Google is quickly researching new heights, with over 2.3 million Google searches made every single minute (and over 3.5 billion searches every day).

As such, business owners cannot afford to miss the opportunities presented by this rapid industry growth.

Unfortunately, running paid ads can be hugely expensive, especially when done over a long period of time (and in niche’s that command a high audience, when compared with blue ocean opportunities).

And that’s where SEO comes in.

SEO allows you to channel organic traffic to your website, based on searches, keywords and search history of the audience within your niche.

Knowing SEO best practices is a great start to tapping into this wealth of views and leads (and staying current with 2021 updates and changes is critical to remaining current!).

On that note, let’s take a look at SEO best practises your business should be using!

Understand Search Intentions 

In order to understand your audience and why they are searching for your product or service, you need to be aware of the intention behind the search itself. Knowing the keyword is not enough to rank positively, and to achieve the success you’re looking for in your business. Is your audience searching for information, for a service, for commercial purposes or for transactions? Knowing this information will give you a big leg up on the competition. 


Write Title Tags and Descriptions 

It can be easy to ignore title tags and descriptions in your website copy, but it is critical to utilize these resources to make the most out of your clicks. Get as specific as possible, whenever possible, to increase your chances of being seen (and getting leads)! That said, it is equally important to make sure your tags, titles and descriptions are of high quality- instead of just keyword stuffing!


Use Well-Considered Images 

Don’t underestimate the power of great images! Make sure you choose the correct format you’re your image and tag them correctly with alt text for optimal results.


Check Your Website Speed

No one likes a slow website! Make sure your website is running quickly and loading without a big delay! Nothing is more off-putting than a website that takes too long to load- any longer than 3 second and you’ll lose your visitors.


Incorporate Links 

Like are a great tool in your arsenal (and really help build your website out), but they also serve as a solid SEO tool to improve your website performance and increase your credibility and validity.


Write Quality Content 

Instead of rushing to batch poorly written content, take the time to put effort into your articles and website copy. By creating quality, valuable content, your SEO stats will naturally improve. 


By utilising these resources, and putting your best food forward, you will naturally see an improvement in your organic traffic (and your SEO results). Stay consistent, prioritise quality, valuable content and don’t miss valuable SEO opportunities!